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Freedive Training

PADI Freediving Classes

      Front Line Freediving is proud to offer the most comprehensive PADI Freediving courses on the market. You will learn techniques specific to freediving that will take your diving ability to the next level. Throughout each of the courses we focus on diving safely, with proper technique, while utilizing the Frenzel method for equalization.

      With a maximum of 4 students per class, you are guaranteed the one-on-one instruction you and your diving deserve. The course length will vary depending upon which class you select, ranging from 1 to 3 days of instruction. 


I just completed the beginner freediving class with Frontline Spearfishing. I’m a novice spearfisherman at best, phat and out of shape. I dive with a few of my friends who are all much more accomplished divers then myself. My deepeest dive prior to the class while shooting was 30’. Instructor Sam Blount of Front Line Freediving was confident that he could get me to 60’ or deeper after his class. We (dive friends and myself) contacted Sam through a dive friend and he was willing to travel to our location and do a private class locally for us. Let me say this, Sam is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. His demeanor and way he talks/teaches his students is awesome. After a spending a couple days with him I felt like I have known him for years. During the sessions he would walk/talk you through every step in a very relaxing way. While doing pool sessions his voice would become a metronome for our breath-ups. I personally can’t say enough good things about Sam just something every spearfisherman should experience in one of his classes. Our open water session was not ideal weather conditions. Sam mentioned our snotty weather would be considering a good day in NC. “If I lived here and the bad weather was like this, I’d never check the forecast!”(Sam Blount). Needless to say open-water class continued with out any issues. We worked on ever step we practiced in the pool, breath-up, hook breathing, and most importantly safety/rescuing. We completed all our warmup drops and Sam dropped the plate to the bottom roughly 60’. I made it to 60’ sitting on the bottom and could have went a lot deeper. New personal best for me. The instructor was by our side on every drop and was correcting everything along the descend and ascent making the students relaxed and comfortable. He would also video the dives/rescues to be able to give further instructions and feedback. This weekend I was able to learn a ton on safety and techniques to make me a better safer freediver/spearfisherman. I have no affiliation with the company I just want to give a good review/shout out to Sam of Frontline Freediving!" - Robert

Stop reading this review and sign up for the course. I did the free diver course this weekend and was blown away at information I learned and the ability to reach new depths in the open water session. If noting else, it is an amazing life lesson to 100% commit yourself and celebrate your accomplishment. If you are new to free diving or spearfishing, stop in and see Sam and Mark. Their knowledge of equipment will set you way ahead by picking out the right items for you the first time. I wish I had have known them before so that I wouldn't have to be buying additional gear that is more suitable to my needs. - Gus

Top Notch! I took the free diver course from Sam Blount and can personally say he has the most knowledge, experience and the most refined teaching skills for free diving. Every detail of the course was seamless and I felt fully prepared and ready for the offshore deep dive. Sam was so assuring and confident as an instructor I fully trusted him with all aspects, from pool to ocean. I am a scuba instructor and was just curious, now thanks to Sam and his course I am hooked! If you are thinking of learning how to free dive, I highly recommend Front Line Freediving!

I was lucky enough to be apart of the veteran/first responder class that sam was beyond generous to provide. I truly mean it when I say the class was incredible and full of tons of valuable information. He took the time to be one on one with each student and make sure everyone was catching on and understanding. The class focused on technique, breathing and most importantly safety. He really did an awesome job teaching you of the real dangers and making you feel comfortable if you get caught in a sticky situation. Beyond grateful I was able to be apart of this class and I look forward to learning more from him in the future. Would HIGHLY recommend taking a class or even just visiting his new shop to anyone who likes the sport. Thanks again - Josh

You can't do any better learning such an intense, exhilarating skill as freediving than with Sam at Front Line! Drills safety procedures into you, teaches you patiently, and overall just makes the whole class and certification a blast!! I had zero experience whatsoever with diving walking into this a year ago, and I know I won't ever be the same. Thanks Sam! - Emily



Your PADI Freediver will cover:

  • Essential Safety procedures for Breath-Holding at Freediver Level
  • Proper Breathing Techniques for Freediving and Snorkeling
  • Confined-Water skill development i.e. Static and Dynamic Apnea
  • Open-Water skill development
  • Equalization for Deep Diving
  • Equipment for Freediving and Snorkeling
  • The fundamental Physics & Physiology of Freediving—what happens to your body at depths!

Why Choose Front Line Freediving? 

  • Learn to equalize using the Frenzel technique before class, setting you up for success  
  • Maximum 4 students per course, guaranteed more one-on-one instructor/student time
  • Courses designed to provide more time and in turn better results
  • Private boat means no dive shop crowds, more time diving and the flexibility to deal with weather
  • All students receive 15% off for life on all freediving and spearfishing equipment at Front Line Freediving (Online and In-Store) 


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