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Salvimar Hero Speargun
Salvimar Hero Speargun
Salvimar Hero Speargun

Salvimar Hero Speargun

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Asymmetric elliptical frame in aeronautical aluminum alloy

Black Teflon® track

Increased profile for a better hydrostatic position

Ergonomic handle with left and right kick as standard

New Heavy Metal 350 release mechanism (350kg head load)

Sensitive trigger adjustment

Sternal support in soft rubber

Handgrip with lanyard fastening hook or reinforced carabiner

Multi-elastic open head

Standard jumper supplied to transform it into a closed head



 COD                  SIZE SHAFT RUBBER               RUBBER LENGTH

300300/075 75cm 7.0mm Duble rubber Ø16,00mm 48cm REEL

300300/085 85cm 7.0mm Duble rubber Ø16,00mm 54cm REEL

300300/095 95cm 7.0mm Duble rubber Ø16,00mm 60cm REEL

300300/105 105cm 7,5mm Duble rubber Ø16,00mm 64cm REEL

300300/115 115cm 7,5mm Duble rubber Ø16,00mm 70cm REEL

300300/125 125cm 7,5mm Duble rubber Ø16,00mm 75cm REEL

300300/135 135cm 7,5mm Duble rubber Ø16,00mm 80cm REEL

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