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Omna 10' SUP Leash

Omna 10' SUP Leash

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Tourniquet Stand-Up Paddle Board Board Leash:

The worlds only Paddle Board Leash with integrated Tourniquet. Anything can happen on the way to the beach, in the surf, or on the way home. OMNAs Tourniquet Leashes enables you to save someones life from bleeding out or crushed limb.

- A pivotal U.S. military study on tourniquets found that improvised tourniquets have a 75% failure rate (Kragh et al, 2008).

- In the first clinical study of shark attack victims Ballas et al, 2017, determined the single factor that determined survival from a shark attack was the use of a pre-hospital tourniquet.

- You can bleed to death in as little as 3 minutes, and develop hypovolemic shock and unconsciousness in a matter of seconds. Hit the surf with the confidence that your leash will retain your board, and when needed its tourniquet can stop someone from bleeding to death. Be Ready.

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