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"Sam is extremely friendly and helpful. The freediver certification course will take you from someone thinking about snorkeling to being a full on freediver hitting depths you didn't know were possible. I'll continue to dive with Sam every chance I get!" - Gus Aretakis

"What an incredible experience!! Mr Sam Blount at Frontline took my friend Mike, my son Logan, and myself in as if we were family. I had my doubts going into this thing as we are scuba spearos and I've watched freedivers pull off there stunts for years now wishing I had the youth needed to hang with youngins. I remember one of the first things I said to Sam was sort of an apology for pretty much wasting his weekend trying to train a semi old fart like myself. Sam assured me I wouldn't have a problem holding my breath for at least 2 and a half minutes and be able to dive to a minimum of 66 feet. I basically laughed in his face but promised him I would give it my all. Inside of 2 days my static breath hold was at 3 minutes 30 seconds with plenty of room to spare . And made it close to 70 ft in just 2 hours of check out dives in cold water . I have no doubt at this point that by summer I'll be breaking triple digit depths and I owe it all to Sam . What difference he makes and what an experience!! I plan on putting my entire family through the course for fun and safety. I couldn't be more happy with the results!!!" - Oliver Fanning

"Thank you guys for rigging pneumatic gun up with some line in such short notice! These guys really know their stuff and would happy to help anyone out with any equipment needs or information. Highly recommend going through these guys for anything. One-stop shop for freediving. Support our local divers!" - Ben Austin

"Sam Blount is a not only a talented Freediver and Spearo, but a great communicator and instructor. Even as a level 2 Freediver I continue to learn from Sams wealth of knowledge and experience in Freediving and Spearfishing. Can't say enough about his work ethic and attention to detail. Sam Blount is not just my dive buddy but he is also my mentor. I recommend him to all divers and spearos, new and salty alike!" - Lopaka Bounds

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