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Gannet Hybrid Floatline

Gannet Hybrid Floatline

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Hybrid Floatline

An innovation in float line design, the Hybrid is the best of both worlds. The 20 feet of UV stable, abrasion resistant PVC nearest the diver minimizes tangles and snags while 1500 poundMFP double braided hollow core behind that provides strength, high buoyancy, and weight savings. This float line will take on the biggest baddest reef dwellers and the truly heavyweight pelagics with ease.

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Dimensions:3/8" (1cm) x 50' (15.25m) -125' (38m)Weight:1.5lb (680g), 1.7lb (771g), 2lb (907g), 2.3lb (1043g)Breaking Strength:1500 pounds (680 kilograms

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