Pathos Side line Release Trigger Mech

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The long awaited upgrade mechanism for a Pathos D'Angleo 2 handle is finally here. Gives you the advantage of  a side line release in a simple to install full stainless steel drop-in reverse mechanism. Side line release allow you to easily rig your Pathos speargun in the way that you are used to.

  • Provides a line release length to acccommodate up to 3 wraps of shooting line.
  • Also makes it possible to run a bluewater breakaway system off this lever as well.
  • Option of mounting of line release on left or right hand side.
  • Absolutely the smoothest engagement and dis-engagement of spear you'll find. 
  • Has beefier dimensions of trigger pull and sear over previous mechanism.
  • Fitting can be done very quickly by simple removal iof the rear stainless steel pin.
  • All edges are nicely radiused and smooth.

One simple modification to the plastic handle frame is required - removal of a small portion of material under the arc of travel of the line release (as seen is pictures). This can be done with dremel, burr, sanding disc on small grinder, rasp, file or even sandpaper.

Transforms the Pathos D'Angelo 2 into the ultimate fully featured speargun handle!