Salvimar Sapiens Wetsuit HT Weld System 2.5mm

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Muta technique in two-piece, seamless, neoprene lining with Hyper Stretch and Slimyskin outside to reduce friction with the water, adjustable velcro closure, high-waisted pants, chest pad reinforcement slip, PUFFGUM wear reinforcements on the elbows and knees, preformed cut. Weld joints with HT System, for maximum comfort and grip. Easy to wear and soft. Imagine the most comfortable and flexible wetsuit that you've never worn, with seamless joints perfectly watertight. This is the HT Weld System. After gluing, instead of the stitching, taping a special elastic, hot applied, sealing the joints so solid and precise. No infiltration of water even on very thin walls, no thermal bridge junctions and no annoying seam on the skin. Your real second skin!